2014 Real Estate Market Stats and Trends

Historically low mortgage rates, a return to normal price appreciation, a decline in foreclosures/short-sales, less investors (leaving room for more first time home buyers) and an improved economy through out the year were a few major factors in why the real estate industry was able to enjoy a strong 2014. Looking ahead to 2015, the real estate market is expected to continue taking positive strides. Frank Nothaft from Freddie Mac predicts, ” The U.S. economy appears well-poised to sustain about a 3% growth rate in 2015 – only the second year in the past decade with growth at that pace or better.”

Prominent Escrow Services is here to support you in reaching your real estate goals for 2015. We have created an infographic displaying some key data from 2014 in order to gear you up for the new year. Take a glance and let us know if we can offer assistance on your next escrow closing of 2015! We love the opportunity to work with you and personalize your escrow service.

The real estate market through 2014 at a glance. Check out Prominent Escrow's infographic for insight into the stats and trends of 2014 and predictions for 2015. 

Resources for the insightful real estate stats and trends found in this fabulous infographic:

  1. http://www.realtor.com/news/real-estate-trends-defined-2014/


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Best Apps for Real Estate Agents on the Go by Prominent Escrow

For the tech savvy real estate agent and those who wish to be more so, check out Prominent Escrow’s list of highly reviewed/rated, free apps worth exploring to make life more efficient while on the go as a REALTOR®. We hope this list of ‘Best Apps for Real Estate Agents on the Go’ intrigues you to explore the latest tricks and more importantly, that these apps save you time and energy while on the road. Since technology will never match the support and expertise of an escrow team with over 200 years of combined experience, don’t hesitate to call us. Your escrow is our priority and we look forward to working with you.


The top 10 must try apps as a real estate agent on the go: Mortgage Calculator, REALTOR.COM, Cam Scanner, Zite, join.me, LogMeIn, Sign Easy, Open House Manager, Homesnap, Hyperlapse


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